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Getting the right monitoring equipment is important, but understanding why exercise is necessary - even more so. While this site stays focused on the HJ-112 pedometer, other fitness equipment like heart rate monitors, inversion tables, stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines and many others work hand in hand with the pedometer. Additionally, sites like the University of Michigan and the ADA do a great job of defining the types of exercises you may want to consider - and why. Knowing that, you can easily zero in on the fitness equipment you need.

Links to the HC-100C Heart Rate Monitor and F5000 Inversion exercise units will follow soon! Research is showing them to be great products as well. And again ... please check with your physician before undertaking anything new in your fitness routine.

Home Exercise Equipment

Home Exercise Equipment - Aerobic, Cardio Exercise Machines and other Fitness Equipment

Exercising at home can be an important key to good health, including fat loss, weight control, blood sugar stabalization for diabetics, more energy, greater muscle flexibility and even just feeling better in general. Home gyms, home exercise equipment and other fitness equipment from machines to information on how to use them is what this site tries to provide.

Home Exercise Equipment and Supplies

Amazon Health & Personal Care Bestsellers

Omron Home Exercise and other Health Products

Why Exercise

Benefits to exercising at home

ADA comments on Diabetes and Aerobic Exercise, Strength Training and Flexibility

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