HJ-112 Pedometer Information

Omron HJ-112 Premium Pedometer

HJ-112 Pedometer Information

Full detailed product information for the HJ-112 digital pedometer.

HJ-112 digital LCD display, dual sensor technology and easy to program functions make this an excellent choice for the avid runner or for just getting the steps counted during a normal work day routine. It can be used on the belt, in a pocket or purse ... you decide.

It's amazingly quiet and is very accurate with the step count. You get the steps taken in a normal day as well as the steps during aerobic workouts because this pedometer separately displays aerobic steps (and minutes) that start counting after 10 minutes of continuous walking at more than 60 steps per minute. It also measures calories expended during a workout, as well as the distance you've traveled.

It is stylish and with the large LCD digital display, it is quite easy to read. That means you can have the information you need at a glance, and with the 7 day history, it allows you to quickly track how well you've done the whole week. It even seconds as a digital clock!

What a combination - the HJ-112 Pedometer adds functionality, style and ease of use all in a single package ... and you are not limited to having it strapped to your belt or waistband all day. You get to make it work silently for you, when ever and where ever you want.

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For additional information, the users manual can be found at this link: Omron HJ-112 Instruction Manual